Frequently Asked Questions for Toronto Scrap Car Removal

You can expect anywhere between $200 – $21,000 for scrapping your car here in Ontario. The amount of cash you can expect for your crapped vehicle will depend on the value according to make, model, year, vehicle conditions, mileage and how well the car functions. We will also factor in the price of scrap metal at the time of the scrap metal sale. Just fill out your form to receive an upfront transparent online quote for your car today.

Remove all of your personal belongings and effects from the car. If you can, remove the license plates as well. But don’t stress about it. If you can’t remove the plates yourself our capable technician can handle this task when they arrive to pick up your vehicle.

If you are looking to scrap an old car that is collecting dust and rust on your property, call 647-330-9840 and we will provide you with a detailed guide to the process.

It is certainly an advantageous plan to scrap your car. Instead of having old useless junk mucking up your yard and decreasing property value, turn that junk into value. You may never get around to fixing the old car and you can turn that into fluid cash right now. Plus, you can count on AKR Scrap Car Removal to properly recycle the vehicle so you can rest easy that your old car is not a hazard to the environment.

After cars have been crushed, they will be sent to the recycle center. At this center, these cars will be shredded down and broken into smaller pieces. These smaller chunks will be further separated and sent to be used in different ways.

The first step in turning your old vehicle into cash will be to contact AKR Scrap Car Removal and arrange for them to come and pick up your vehicle at your first convenient moment. But before you arrange for your pickup, be sure you fill out the online order form so you know how much you can expect for your old car.

You will need to notify your insurance carrier when you choose to scrap your old car. This is to ensure they will not continue to charge your insurance premiums after your car has been taken away. If you have paid for full coverage insurance you may also be entitled for a refund, so ask about that as well. It is always good to keep your insurance provider well informed as this leads to a better relationship with them, this will lead to better rates, deals and discounts in the future.

You should consider sending your car to the scrap if more than one of the following is true: The car is … – Over fifteen years old – Has over 200,000 miles – Damaged beyond repair

The batteries in your car still have value according to its lead content. The value of your batteries will depend on the current cost of lead, but typically lead is worth about $0.25 per pound.

Don’t worry if you are not fully aware of how this is accomplished, we at AKR Scrap Car Removal can help you all the way. Just give us a call and tell us the first convenient time for us to arrive and pick up your car. We will then arrive on site, pick up your car and take it to the full recycling process. We will even give you full price for your scrap car.

To scrap your car properly, all you need to do is have the name of the model, make, year, ownership papers and keys in order. Then call us up and we will send a team on the way to pick up the car. Call AKR Scrap Car Removal and we will handle all the details and heavy lifting and leave you with cash to be used at your disposal.

It is hard to give an all-encompassing answer to this question as there are many different factors that will affect the price of your car. But we always offer competitive rates for scrap cars and we are sure you will favor us after shopping around. You can get a better idea of the price we will give for your car by filling out the online quote form.

The first and most important reason to favor us with your scrap car is that we offer top dollar. You can get an instant quote by filling in the online quote request form. Just fill out your form with all the requested details and we will send you an email the very same day with our offer. Our word is our bond and we will show up with the agreed upon amount in cash for a reliable transaction. We will not charge you a thing for any of our supplementary services like towing the car.

We know all our competitors here in the Toronto area and we know how much they will offer you for their junk vehicle. So, if you are wondering where you can go in Toronto to sell your car for the most cash, rest assured, you are looking for AKR Scrap Car Towing.

We buy all types of used vehicles. Most often our clients come to us to sell their unwanted vehicles that have succumbed to disrepair and are not likely to be repaired. We will buy your car whether it still works or not. Just call us up, provide us with the make, model and year of the car and we will make you a fair offer.

Most certainly! If you will be selling more than one vehicle, we will increase the amount of cash we offer. This is because we can save cash on picking up more than one vehicle from one location and we are happy to pass these savings to our valued customer.

You will need to provide the driver of the tow truck with the ownership papers for the car you will be scrapping. If you have any other questions about documentation, feel free to contact us at any time.