Scrap yards are commonly seen full of old car junks in need of recycling. When abandoned, they can be extremely harmful for the environment – they can even be an inconvenience if they stay in your garage or backyard. 

In a situation where you wish to give your old car a proper end, then scraping it is the most feasible option. In Ontario, it is possible to find a number of services for junk car removal and detailed information on how to scrap your car.

What do you need to do to scrap your car?

To remove your junk car from your house or from a scrap yard, you need to gather basic information on the vehicle first – the model, the manufacturer, the year it was built, how many miles it has, and for how long you have owned it. Having these details gathered will help in determining the cost of the service.

Documentation on the car will also be needed, due to ownership. The company providing you the service will need your car’s ownership documents and keys after you get paid for the scrap service. Some scrap yards may open exceptions if you don’t have the ownership document with you.

If for some reason, you are unable to take your car to a scrap yard, a scrap company can also provide the towing service for you! They can tow your car to the scrap yard and start the procedure to scrap your own car.

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How much money do you spend or get by scrapping your car?

In Ontario, the price can vary considerably – it depends on the basic information of the vehicle. Depending on the year the car was bought, for how long you have it, how often you have used it, and the damages it has suffered throughout time, you can spend between $100 or $100,000 on the service. You can also gain the same amount of money: if your car is in good condition, you don’t need to waste much to scrap it, and still get good cash for it!

The price is determined depending on the car

As we mentioned, the exact amount of money you get for scrapping your car depends on the vehicle itself. There are different factors that influence the service cost at the end. They are:

  • The manufacturer and year of production
  • The weight
  • The condition
  • The market price

Every car manufacturer operates in its own way and has its own resources. Different companies may use different materials and metals. The release dates will also differ. For these reasons, the manufacturer and year of the car are relevant to determine the price for scrapping. 

The weight and general condition of the car will also play an important role – the heavier the car, the more metal it has; the better the condition, the higher the price you will gain.

The market influences how much you will spend or receive on your scrapped vehicle because the price of scrap metal changes often – so be sure to check this factor before sending your car to a scrap yard!

Scrapping your car in Ontario

The first step, as mentioned, is to see the best prices of scrap metal. After that is done, you collect the basic information and documentation for your car. 

Make sure you inform your insurance company and Service Ontario about your decision of towing your car to any scrap yard as well. And don’t forget to remove your license plate and any personal belongings!

How AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal helps you scrap your car

We are available any time, any day, anywhere! We will assist you with the necessary step-by-step to prepare your car for the scrap yard, and inform you of the costs you will give – as well as the one you will gain! – and tow your car for you.

Our services are fast, loyal and affordable. Apart from providing flatbed towing, underground towing and long-distance towing, we also provide tire change, gas delivery, boost and lockout services – and, of course, scrap car removal.

Our mission at AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal is to provide professional services while showcasing the utmost sincerity to our customers. We deliver low rates and quick responses to our patrons and promise to be at your convenience within 40 minutes or less.

Call us today at 647-330-9840 to get a free quote!

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