How much is your scrap car worth? (2020) .

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Did you know that the old car on your property could really be a goldmine? Cars may depreciate up to 40% after only one year, but the metal, and internal components are still extremely valuable. At AKR scrap car removal, we are proud to offer competitive pricing for your car removal. Let’s take a look at what you can expect to receive for your car based on these factors.

Make, model and year

Car builds with the same make and model can change quite a bit on a yearly basis, some years have more problems that can inhibit them from running as normal. This means that even one year difference can translate to a 40% differentiation in cost. The make model and year determine how easily the car will run and is a contributing factor to cost. Honda civics are the most popular car, followed by Ford F150s and Mazda 3s. The full list of car popularity can be found at Canadian black book, to give you an idea of cars value at perfect condition. Though, your model, make and year are not the deciding factor when it comes to the end price, colour of your car matters too. While it is true that you can paint a car, that is a lot of work, if you have an uncommon colour that will have an impact on your scrap car value.

Once again this is not the determining factor of car value, there are 4 other main factors when it comes to determining car value.


If the case when it comes to your car is that it will be worth more money to sell as separate individual parts. Everything in the car is of value and can be sold. From the exterior metal body body parts all the way down to the tires and suspension. While all these parts are of value, the price for these parts will depend on the demand. As one would assume, the higher demand the higher the value, and translating that, the higher we will pay. Rare cars with salvageable parts will be more valuable if the replacement parts are in high demand from other car owners. Following this same idea, rare car parts will not be as valuable, if they are not needed by other car owners.

Some car parts are more expensive and harder to find, the difference between a working car radio, or front glass and suspension, or tires, will reflect in valuation and cost. If your car is missing high demand or high value parts, this will hurt your car’s value.

Many factors have implications on demand, these include prices of gas, and number of cars on the road.

Condition of the Car Material

The price we will pay for your car also depends on if your car will be able to be restored, have parts reused, or if the car will be sold for the metal components.

There is a chance that there will be a large discrepancy in price when it comes to the condition of your scrap car. Whether the car can be restored with a little TLC, or if the body and parts are in pristine condition, you can expect a higher price to be paid for the junk. If there are dents, rust, or missing parts, you can expect a ding on your valuation, as these will be parts that cannot be transferred to other vehicles and must be sold as scrap metal. Here at AKR Towing, we will still pay you for your car as the metals used are valuable regardless of if they can be used in/on other cars.

Price of Metal

When cars cannot be salvaged for parts, they are salvaged for the materials that make them up, steel, and aluminum. These materials are recycled and transformed into other products to be sold on the market. The only catch is that the cost of these two metals change frequently and 100lbs of steel today can be worth much less or much more at different points in time. These two metals dont always rise and fall at the same time either, just something to keep in mind. You guessed it, these prices are big factors when it comes to how much we pay for your car too. The higher the cost of these metals, the more we will pay for your hunk of metal.


Location is the final factor affecting how much we pay. Location pricing is because the popularity of some cars in certain areas are more expensive than others. A car that is popular in one area and has a high demand may have a very low demand in another area. This is the same case when it comes to metal prices. Depending on where you are located metal may be valued differently. In different countries, provinces, and cities costs of metal are not guaranteed to be the same.

Now that you know all about scrap car pricing, call AKR towing today to get your free estimate, and have your car towed away in days. Our towers will come to you and pay you on the spot for your car. You can expect to receive anywhere from 100 all the way up to 5000 dollars for a car that you aren’t using anymore.

Our quick service is the best way to get a car off your hands for top dollar. Not to mention, we will not need you to pay for our towing as it is a free service included when you choose AKR towing. Don’t hesitate, call today for your commitment free estimate, or to set up a tow date.