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Why Call a Scrap Car Removal Service Etobicoke For Your Old Car?

AKR Scrap Car Removal Etobicoke is a fully licensed scrap yard operating in Ontario. We are registered with the Ministry of Environment of Ontario and are authorized to collect and process old vehicles in the province.

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Remember that the old car you bought years ago to practice mechanics but never really had the time to restore to full functionality? Well, there is no reason that it should stay there in your garage or driveway any longer. Or have you bought a new car recently and found little use for your older car that just sits in the driveway? Maybe you have already called up car dealers and auctions but haven’t found anyone that will take your car off your hands.

If you are in the Etobicoke Region, search no more! We have the solutions and services for you! We not only take your car off your hands, but we will offer you a competitive price for your scrap car. And that’s not all. We take this deal a step further, so read on to learn more about the many benefits of having your old or scrap car hauled away by AKR Towing in Etobicoke.

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Instant Deals

It can be hard to find a scrap car buyer service that you can count on for an honest quote nowadays. There are so many different services but most of them are looking for a way to play an advantage. Sometimes they will offer you a very low price for a high-value item or attempt to lower the perceived value of your unwanted vehicle by listing all the problems it has and how this is affecting the value of the car. Either way, you can expect these scrap car dealers to leave you with an offer far below what you had originally paid for the car.

Then there is the even more shameless sort who will ride away to their salvage yard with your car promising they will mail your check at the end of the month. You might spend more trying to get your promised check over the next few months than the actual value of the promised check.

But this is not something you will have to worry about when you work with our scrap car removal Etobicoke team. We are not here to exploit you in your time of need. We are a reliable cash for cars wreckers’ company and we will offer you a fair price for your car. Once we have made a deal, we will honor this deal the right way!

We are a cash for car company and will not ride off with your car. We will actually leave you with top dollar cash in your hands as we take your car with us. This way you can rest assured that you will be left with value and your neighbor will no longer complain about the wrecked car decreasing property value. You will have the cash you need to buy that new car or upgrade your old car. And now you will have more room in your garage or driveway.

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  • The vehicle’s location
  • Vehicle model
  • Vehicle type
  • Current condition of the vehicle
  • Proof of ownership
  • Details of any missing parts etc.

No Hidden Fees

Our primary goal is to provide the people in Etobicoke with a reliable service where they can expect top-shelf treatment and total satisfaction. This means we will take your old car no matter the conditions of the interior, exterior or engine. We will don’t care about looks, model, make or mileage, we will make you a fair offer for your car no matter what. Best of all, we will not include any hidden cost that will alter our offer. What we offer is what you will have in your hands as we leave. Our goal is to give you a simple hassle-free towing service that leaves you with liquid value for your out-of-use vehicle.

We come to provide you with value, not take value from you. For this reason, you can rest assured that we will not be including any unpleasant surprises or hidden fees in our business dealings with you. We fully understand that you may not accept our offer and we offer a no-commitment service. But we are sure you will find our offer highly attractive and enter into a smooth transaction with our representatives on scene. We see our job as scrap vehicle relocation specialists as an especially important part of society and ensure that we apply diligence and transparency to all of our transactions. So if you are tired of seeing that colossal SUV blocking the view and typing up value, we will make you a deal and leave you with cash for scrap car.

As we have explained already, our objectives are to offer top-notch services to our valued customers. This includes providing them with a smooth and comfortable transaction they will appreciate. We do not ask that you come out to us, we will drive out to meet you. Just call us up from the comfort of your location and we will send a team on-site to inspect your vehicle, make you an offer and leave cash in your hand.

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The whole process can be completed fairly quickly. First the representative from our company will arrive on scene to inspect a few specific aspects of the car. Once they have completed their inspections the representative will use a special table to make you an offer on your car. After that all you have to do is sign the agreement and we will leave cash in your hands and remove one more headache from the list.

Many of our clients have reported a strange feeling as if a major burden was lifted from their shoulders as they watch their old vehicle being pulled out of their property and out of their life. You will get to enjoy your peace of mind, serenity and have some cash on the side as well. At AKR Scrap Car Removal Etobicoke, we are the number one cars for cash service in the Etobicoke area and no matter where you are, we will send a crew on site to take your car.

You can contact us through our website, Social Media Pages or just call (647) 330-9840 now. Our representatives are standing by.

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Cars That Aren’t Roadworthy

Maybe you were given a car and it is in perfect condition except for this one tiny problem that renders the entire car useless. But if you have never gotten around to fixing this one problem, then it is really nothing more than a scrap car. By this point you really don’t care how it goes away anymore, you just want the rusting corroding eyesore gone forever.

This is a good time to consider the services of a scrap car removal company. Sure, it was fun while it lasted, but it is now time to cast that old car to the side and allow your surroundings to open up a bit more as well. This is a good thing.

We will make you a fair offer to take your car off your hands. No jokes about it, we will take that car off your hands and you will feel all the better for it. This is our job; we go around our lives making great offers to help people remove old cars from their homes and lives. Plus, we leave them with plenty of cash for salvage cars so that’s always a benefit.

It is a scenario in which everyone wins and this alone is something of high value. You will not have to suffer the anguish of seeing this immovable object in your environment every day, you will turn that headache into fluid cash to be used at your behest and we get to take your scrap car, which is what we do best. We all come out smiling.

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It Doesn’t Need The Space

Sometimes, the car you have is simply taking up valuable real estate that could be used for something else. Having a scrap car parked in your valuable real estate (underground parking, driveway) is not safe for your home, for small kids, or for the environment.

It makes no sense for you to hang on to this old car if it is no longer serving you. The best idea may be to get rid of it and get a new car that will work properly and be an efficient bonus to your life.

If you haven’t the time, tools, or know-how to fix the car at this precise minute, then it is causing more damage to your life than good and you may as well say goodbye. Send the car where it will serve a better purpose and get top cash for junk car.

Call us up at (647) 330-9840 we will make you an offer and drive by to pick it up for you.

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Scrap Your Car For Cash

There are many other questions that you can ask yourself about that old car. Does it still work? Is it actually getting any use? These and many more questions like them will indicate that this car is no longer a benefit to your life. If you choose to turn your out-of-commission car into liquid value, call (647) 330-9840 and we will make you a fair offer for your scrap car removal in Etobicoke.

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What to Know About Scrapping Your Car in Etobicoke

Etobicoke is such a great place to live. This beautiful city boasts some of the most popular places to visit. It is also a peaceful town that acts as a buffer between the booming city of Toronto and Mississauga at the west.

If you are reading this, you most likely found us by looking for “Scrap Car Removal in Etobicoke”. If so, we would be glad to arrive at your location to buy your car and remove it from your property.

Call us right away at 647-330-9840 or follow this link to fill out a form with the information about your vehicle. We will contact you with a fair and competitive offer. Selling your scrap car has never been so easy.

We believe that a happy customer is well-informed and therefore has a 100% transparent system. This allows us to build strong relationships with our local customer pool and continue in business after many years. We would never have survived on a fly-by-night work plan, predatory contracts, and surprise fees.

We will assess the information you provide for your scrap car — like the year, make model, and conditions, as well as the whether the catalytic converter is original or changed. We will also ask for some pictures of the vehicle. We will then provide you with a quote over the phone for your consideration.

We arrive at your location fully prepared to pay the quote we made upon inspection of the vehicle. We will also run a price check to make sure the offer we make you is competitive. But we have been in the business for many years and are known for our excellent prices and fair offers. We look forward to adding you to our list of satisfied customers. So, get rid of the junk car you have and turn that into fluid cash that can be used for anything you need, or want.


With AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal, removing your scrap car is simple. AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal makes the process easy. But you will need to do a little preparation. For example, you will need to prepare the car’s paperwork and have some information on the mileage, condition, catalytic converter, registration, and other details. Some pictures would be nice as well. Once we have verified your information, we will hand you the cash, complete the transaction, and take your scrap car away.


We buy vehicles in all running, broken down, or totaled. As you can imagine, cars in better condition will fetch a considerably higher price than a wreck that has been stripped down for parts. If you want to avoid the considerable hassle of shopping for cars online, we can make you an offer for your running car and buy it today.

Most of the cars we receive are not in running condition. A car that has reached this point will take so much time, resources, and effort to restore to proper running condition, that buying a new car is a far better idea. Furthermore, newer vehicles will be less problematic, thus increasing the safety of yourself and other motorists.

Don’t you think that it is time to remove that eyesore from your property and replace it with cash that you can use to take a vacation, buy a new car, or anything else you may need? Call us to transform scrap into gold. We are a licensed and certified business and we are not here to mess around.


Cash for Scrap Cars makes dealing with unwanted vehicles quick, easy, and seamless. We can drop by your location in Etobicoke at any time of the day. We won’t make any empty promises either, so long as the information provided is true, we will give you the agreed amount and remove your unwanted vehicle.

You can expect our towing technicians to arrive at your Etobicoke location within about 1 to 3 hours from when you call. This should give you enough time to clear out the car, get the papers in order, and say your last goodbyes. Make sure you have the registration in hand and the license plates removed from the car when we arrive.

In conclusion, if you are ready to remove that beast from your property and make room for something better, don’t hesitate. Call 647-330-9840 and get cash for cars in Etobicoke.

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Junkyard Etobicoke FAQ

Usually, we give you money depending on the weight of your car, regardless of how damaged it is. To increase the car’s weight, ensure that you give us all the essential parts like tires and doors. The price could also increase depending on your car’s model, condition, make, and year.

There are so many reasons to scrap your car and transform all that value and space into something more profitable or comfortable. Your car will be occupying space on your property and lowering real estate values. Junk cars only get harder and harder to repair, even more so if they have been in an accident. When we recycle cars, we remove them from places where they can contaminate the ground and dispose of them in an environmentally friendly process.

Have no fear; we have planned for every possible eventuality. Even if you have nothing more than the ponderous metal frame of some dilapidated tractor, we will find a way to remove the vehicle from your property. We have flatbed trucks capable of hauling away as much as 15,000 dollars. We have a wide range of other vehicles to suit every need. Don’t hesitate to call us at 647-330-9840 to transform your scrap car into cash.