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We offer the best prices in Mississauga for scrap cars, trucks, and SUVs. We will make an offer right away on your scrap auto! Here you will get a quick service for scrap car removal in Mississauga that you deserve.

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Why Choose Us for Scrap Car Removal in Mississauga

  • We offer great prices for old cars
  • We offer responsible scrapping that is good for the environment
  • We will pick your car anywhere in Mississauga for FREE
  • The whole transaction is incredibly convenient and quick for you!

Scrap Cars, Trucks, Vans – We Buy Them All!

Cars, Trucks, Vans – We Buy Them All! You can get rid of any kind of old car by selling it to us. Free up space in your garage and get a decent amount of money for a new car by giving us a call or requesting a quote for your scrap car for cash.

If you like what we are offering, our tow truck will be at your door to pick your car from anywhere in Mississauga, for free. We will give you a bill of sale at the time of pickup along with full payment – and the bill will document all relevant and necessary information so you can close the chapter of your junk car once and for all.

Take a Look at Some of Our Junk & Scrap Auto Removal Service Features

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Let Us Take Your Junk Car in Mississauga

It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle it is. Whether it is a scrap auto, a truck, or a van we can buy it from you at a great price. You just need to request a quote to find out how much we can offer. If you are willing to sell the car at that rate, our tow truck will be at your door to pick it from anywhere in Mississauga for free. Your car will be recycled and used for the manufacturing of new cars. We will pick up the old car for cash.

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1. It’s Eco Friendly

The best aspect about reusing and recycling is that it helps to keep the environment cleaner and keeps hazardous substances out of landfills. Battery acid, antifreeze, brake fluid, power steering fluid, sodium azide, and mercury are just a few of them that you may not be aware of. If these toxic substances are not properly disposed of, then they can cause harm to the environment.

2. Free Up Space Within Your Property

A junk car takes up a lot of room on your property. That said, it will free up a lot of space if you remove it from your driveway or yard. That area could be used for a new car, additional storage, or simply left empty.

3. Earn Some Extra Cash

Selling your junky old car to a scrap car removal business will make you some extra money, perhaps more than you bargained for! AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal always pays cash on the spot. Even better, you’ll save money on those pesky repairs that never seem to end!

4. No Buyer Hassle

Selling a car to someone else can be a headache unlike any other. Imagine dealing with picky, unpleasant, or indecisive buyers who waste your time and efforts. Things get even more problematic with older vehicles.

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FAQs About Scrap Car Removal in Mississauga

Remove any valuable belongings and the license plate.

You can scrap your old car in Mississauga and get cash for it. Call AKR Scrap Car Removal at 647-330-9840, and we will help you get rid of your junk car.

You should call your insurance company to inform them of your decision to scrap your car. By doing so, you don’t lose money on your old car’s policy.

Getting rid of an old car is a good investment in many ways. Call AKR Scrap Car Removal to have us remove your old junk car from your property and pay you to cash in exchange. We will recycle your car in an appropriate manner, so you won’t have to worry about disposing of it in an unsustainable way.

Vehicles that are crushed in the scrapping process go to a recycling facility. There, they are smashed and the metals are put to new uses in the manufacturing process.