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We will provide you with instant cash instead of you having to go to a auto scrap yard and spend all your time doing so. You might be wondering why you shouldn’t just take your car to a junkyard instead of contacting Scrap Car Removal North York. And it is a valid question which is why we want to address it.


  • We will pick the car from anywhere in North York for free.
  • We offer a great price for old cars.
  • The whole transaction is incredibly convenient and quick for the seller.
  • Responsible scrapping is good for the environment.
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All kinds of vehicles that are taken to junkyards for disposal usually end up in landfills. The long-term impact of this practice is that the soil quality deteriorates substantially. To prevent this EPA has set some guidelines that ensure safe disposal. We follow all these principles and make sure the scrapping process takes all environmental factors into consideration. Our company provides money for scrap cars at good rates. The friendly auto recycling we provide is an important part of the company. We send your car's parts to a recycling center to ensure we are contributing to the recycling industry. This saves space in landfills which is good for the environment. By saving unnecessary space with junk, we can all do our part.

Sell a Car, SUV, or Truck At a Great Price

We offer the best prices in North York for all kinds of vehicles. If it is of no use to you and has no resale value, getting it recycled is the best option for you. Our cars often hold a lot of nostalgic value for us. Therefore, instead of leaving it in a junkyard, you can scrap it so that it can serve some purpose. All you need to do is request a quote and if you like the offer, we will have it picked up for free from anywhere in North York. Just remove your license plates from the vehicle and we will provide towing by tow truck in no time with our scrap auto service.

Using our cash for junk vehicles service is simple and fast once you've made up your mind to do so. To arrange a free pickup, simply give us a call or complete our online form. Our staff will get in touch with you and provide you with a quotation for your scrap car in North York. After that, we'll set up a time to come take up your old junk car as soon as it's ready. We'll come to your house or business at a time that's convenient for you, and we'll tow your car for free. You may get rid of your junk automobile quickly and easily with our scrap car removal service! As a result, you'll receive the agreed-upon sum of money right away! There will be no more time wasted on meaningless paperwork, fruitless buyer searches, or con artists. We also offer trash car removal services in the surrounding towns of Barrie, Bradford, Pickering, and Richmond Hill. Any vehicle condition accepted here at AKR Towing Inc. Get an instant quote today.

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