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How to Remove Your Unwanted Vehicle?

At some point in your life, you might not want your old car anymore or you need to get rid of your junk car. Sometimes it could be difficult to sell it by yourself online because it’s simply too old. Or you don’t know how to get rid of your junk car properly. Selling your old or junk car to a towing company for cash is a great option for you. We provide a way to make additional cash by trading in a scrap car, SUV, or truck that is doing nothing more than taking up space or taking up your cash from one repair after the next. You can not only exchange your unwanted vehicle for cash but also no need to worry about paying extra for towing. When you decide to sell your old or junk car for cash with us, we are gladly offering you free towing. We accept all kinds of models and brands. You can contact us by phone or email for a quick quote.

How Much Can I Get for My Car?

AKR Towing will give you the best price for your vehicle. We pay some of the best prices for old/scrap vehicles throughout Ontario. We will talk to you and discuss what the best price could be paid for your car. Also, our team will look at your car condition in detail, to give you a fair price. You can earn up to $5000 for selected models. We make use of parts of your car that are still valuable for other projects. Therefore the prices all depend on the condition of the car and parts that we can use. Not only do we provide you with the best price for your vehicle, but we also come to you and tow it away for free. That’s one less thing for you to worry about; one less reason to contend with Toronto traffic. We recycle all types of junk cars, SUVs, and trucks regardless of age, model, make, or condition. No matter what, your vehicle has value.

How does Junk Car Removal Work?

Steps Get To Cash For Your Car:
1. Call us to get a free quote
2. We will look at your car and decide how much we give for it?
3. We will come to you and tow the car for free. Lastly, we will give you      the cash

Why Choose AKR Towing?

The longer you wait to get rid of your car, the lower the value is going to be. Selling it to a professional to handle your car like AKR Towing means you can receive a reasonable price for it. We have been in the junk car removal industry for a very long time in the Oshawa region and we are one of the best-paying companies for your unwanted vehicles. So you don’t have to worry about selling your car cheap, but you will sell to AKR Towing at a fair price. We are not flashy or fancy. Also, we keep the process simple and honest, and we operate with the highest level of integrity so that you get the most money for your vehicle upfront. AKR Towing is among the most respected auto salvage companies in the country because our customer service, including free towing for your vehicle, cannot be beaten. Contact us today if you have any questions or need a car removal quote today.
Oshawa is a city located in the Durham Region. It is west of Whitby. It is on the Lake Ontario shoreline. This city looks like the eastern anchor of the Greater Toronto Area. It has the largest population in the Durham Region. It is an upcoming city with a university and college. Accidents can happen. AKR Towing is here to help.

If you are a car owner in the Oshawa area and want to get rid of it for money, we can help. Get a free quote by calling us at +1-647-330-9840

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We Buy Scrap, Old And Unwanted Cars, Trucks, Suv’s And Vans. We Pay You Cash, Cheque And E-transfer Whatever You Prefer We Offer Plus Free Towing With Same Day Pickup On All The Vehicles That We Buy.

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1. Same Day Pickup

We Can Pick Up Your Vehicle At The Same Day After Contacting Us.

2. Best Prices Guaranteed

We Will Make Sure You Get To Best Price Possible For Your Scrap Vehicle.

3. 24/7 Service

We Have 24/7 Professional Service Available We Can Help Get Rid Of Your Unwanted Vehicle Any Time You Want.

Frequently Asked Questions

Everyone wants to get a high price for their car. So how do you know if it’s worth it to sell your used vehicle? We look through a few factors when we decide how to appraise the car.
  1.  Year – The newer a vehicle the better condition it’s likely to be in. Plus newer vehicles are usually built to be safer. A car like any other item ages so the resale value decreases over time. This is because there is more chance of damage after longer use. 
  2. Make – This refers to the company that made the car and is often thought of as the brand. Popular car makes include Tesla, BMV, Bently, Honda, etc. The make of the car gives the vehicle some prestige because of the name. Similar to how people like branded clothes cars with a well-known make will be paid more for. 
  3. Model – A brand may have many cars but a model refers to a specific line of cars from the company. For example when people say Honda Civic. Honda is the car maker and Civic is the car model. Each brand has a variety of model cars so the prices depend on this factor as well.
  4. Trim – This refers to additional car features. Some examples include a better sound system, heated seats, detachable roofs, etc. The more additions found on the car the better the price will be. So if you have anything that makes your car different be sure to add that in the explanation.
  5. Kilometrage – The longer a car has run the more kilometrage the car accumulates. Even a 32,180 increase in km means a 20% depreciation in the cost of the car. So the less the car has been driven the more money you can expect to receive.
  6. Catalytic Converter – This device is used to reduce the effects of exhaust fumes. It chemically changes the gas into something less harmful to humans. We pay more for cars with the original catalytic converter as we are certain they would be a high-quality part. This means they will do their jobs properly. 
  7. Wheels – Whether your wheels are steel or aluminum can make a difference in the price of your carl. Each material has its own pros and cons. But steel is more expensive as it has a higher resistance to damage and is easier to maintain. 
  8. Drivable – If the car is having trouble functioning and doesn’t even start then the price for it will be lower than a car that can drive. A drivable car shows that the vehicle is in good shape and that the parts are working the way it should be.
Look at the dashboard on the driver’s side of the vehicle to find your vehicle identification number(VIN). This is a 17 digit identification that can be used to get more information by typing it in standard driving sites.
Depending on all the factors mentioned above you could get up to $5000 for your car. We don’t only give you the best offer for your car we tow it away for free as well. So there is no additional cost. Plus we pay cash on the spot once we get your vehicle.
We give offers for vehicles such as cars, trucks, and SUVs. If it’s something you want to get rid of we can take it off your hands. It doesn’t matter if it’s new, used, or damaged. If you want a scrap car removal we are the company to go to.
We are a reputable scrap car removal company located in Durham Region. We are professionals who can handle this in a quick and efficient manner. Plus we offer reasonable prices for your vehicles as well. AKR Towing is one of the more respected car removal companies in Oshawa. Call us today to get started on your car removal process.

What Our Customers Say

Supper Fast Pickup Supper Nice Guy Got A Quote For Car Bye Email Come Next Day And He Gave Me What He Told Me In Quote Very Clean Guy And Tow Truck Was Clean And Professional Looking And Well Looked After.
John Mcphail
Great Experience With The Company, Fast And Friendly Service, Would Definitely Recommend.
Lucky Gibbi
Good Service On Time, Respectable, Prices Are Very Reasonable. Highly Recommend!

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