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At AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal, we are the local authority on junk car removal services. With many years in business, our clients trust us to offer a fair price for their junk while offering a timely resolution to their problems.

We understand how frustrating it is to deal with a scrap car taking up space in your yard. Many companies are unreliable, making the process unnecessarily long and drawn out. At AKR, we offer quick, painless, and professional resolutions to your junk car problem. From start to finish, we will ensure that your experience is seamless and efficient.

Why AKR Scrap Car Removal Peterborough is a great choice:

  • AKR Towing is a Ontario licensed scrap car removal.
  • Call us at any time as we’re open 7 days a week.
  • Get anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 for rotting scrap cars on your property!
  • Qualify for same-day pickup services and deal with our fully licensed technicians.
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Cash For Cars In Peterborough

If you’re looking to get some cash for scrap or junk cars, at AKR we can get you the money you deserve! We help the Peterborough residents get the most money for their junk vehicles while eliminating the need to do a lot of digging and asking around for someone to take their scrap cars.

At AKR, we pride ourselves on providing a quick response time and allowing you to start the process by simply answering a few basic questions. Get a call back from AKR by filling out some basic information about yourself!

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Peterborough Residents Can Get Top Dollar For Their Junk Vehicles!

How much is your junk car worth? You can find out right now by filling out our contact form on our website. Just provide us with your name, email, phone number, and vehicle details to get the ball rolling on the process.

We believe in offering all of our faithful customers a quick turnaround response time, so we will get back to you with a fair junk car price as soon as possible. Once you okay the number we have in mind, we will send someone to your residence at a convenient time to pick up the junk car.

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