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We offer the best prices in Port Perry for cars, trucks, and SUVs. We will make an offer right away on your scrap vehicle! Here you will get a quick service for scrap car removal in Port Perry that you deserve.

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Steps To Getting Your Car Scrapped

1. Know your car’s info such as make, model, mileage, and document the condition through pictures. We can often quote a better price by knowing the exact state of the vehicle. 2. By giving us a quick call, we can work to give you a trustworthy and accurate quote right away. Knowing the price of your scrap car, you can make an informed decision. 3. All of our quotes are generally valid for one month after the initial call is placed. 4. When you decide to scrap your car with us, we always provide a free towing service. Due to liability reasons we do not actually drive the vehicles we purchase. 5. The last step is to say goodbye to your car and remove all personal effects including your license plate and 407 transponders. Please ensure the vehicle is free of junk or garbage. Most importantly, we will need to obtain your proof of ownership during this exchange.

We Buy Junk Cars In Port Perry!

Is your yard becoming an eyesore? Is your old car from your teenage years still wasting away? Do you have a rusty old hunk of junk ruining your landscaping? If you have experienced some or all of the things just described, you’re not alone! You’ve probably tried to sell or even give away your junk car to no avail as no one actually wanted it. Fortunately, if you live in Port Perry, we can help! You can reclaim your sanity and finally get your yard landscaped. More importantly, you get paid for your old car! If all of this sounds good, keep reading because we have more good news to share with you.

Why AKR Scrap Car Removal Port Perry is a great choice:

  • AKR Scrap Car Removal Port Perry is a licensed scrap car removal. You don’t have to struggle with scammers and dodgy buyers.
  • We offer the best prices in the industry so you will get the best possible deal for your car.
  • Our service is extremely convenient for all sellers.
  • All you need to do is make a call and our tow truck will be at your door!
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Cars, Trucks, SUVs – We Buy Them All!

All of our deals are cash offers and that means the moment you sign, you’ll have that much more money back in your wallet! After the initial exchange, our staff member will use our licensed tow truck to tow your old unwanted junk car away. Just like that, you will have it out of your life in no time at all without false leads or empty promises! Our Port Perry clients rely on us to provide easy towing services for junk car removals because they know that when we promise to show up, we actually do! Unlike other companies that promise the world and never deliver, we understand how hard it is to dispose of something like a rusty junk car. Most importantly, we want to make getting in touch with us easy so we can work something out. After all, the sooner we strike a deal together, the easier it is for you to carry on with your life. Using our phone number, you can reach out to us and a friendly rep will answer any and all questions right away. If you prefer to stick to social media, that’s okay, too! We have all the information you could ever need to ensure that you make an informed decision about selling your junk car. Ready to scrap that car? Contact us today!

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  •  The vehicle’s location
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  •  Vehicle type
  •  Vehicle condition
  •  Proof of ownership
  •  Details of any missing parts etc.
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