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Car Scrapping in Richmond Hill

Are you trying to junk your old car? We have just the right opportunity for you! Our car removal service will take care of everything from pickup to responsible disposal of all parts.

So if you are looking for car scrappers in the Richmond Hill area, give us a call and you can junk your old car for cash. Even making simple search on a search engine for ‘car scrappers near me’ you will find a whole lot of great options to choose from.

The good thing about our service is that you get instant cash for junk cars. As soon as someone reaches out to our team we provide them a quote and if they agree then the next step is to pick up the junk car and offer cash on the spot. Other payment methods are also supported.

About us

We are a service that allows you to scrap your vehicle for cash. We maintain all standards and guidelines for the proper disposal of the cars we take on for the purpose of disposal. Auto recycling plays a major positive role in cutting down on the carbon footprint and we want to play our part in this initiative.

This practice not only turns out better for the car owner as they get instant cash for their junk car, but it is also great for the environment as harmful materials don’t end up in landfill contaminating the soil and adversely affecting soil quality.

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Our Services

Given below are some of our main services

1. Junk Car Disposal

We will take care of your old car and scrap it for recycling. Parts that are not recyclable will be disposed of responsibly in the safest way possible.

2. Free Tow Truck Service

We will take care of the pickup of the car. If the car cannot be driven it can be quite a nuisance to get it to a place for junk cars. We will take care of it for you.

3. Same Day Pickup

Our team will be with you the day you decide to junk your car for cash. Just let us know that you need this done in the Richmond area and we will be at your door.

3. Free Consultation

If you need to get a quote beforehand and consult about whether this is the best option for your car, get in touch with our team for a free consultation!

How it works

Get Quote

Call us or fill the form above to get a quote for your car. We need to know your car make and model for this.

Seal the deal

If the price suits you let our team know that it does and we can seal the deal and set a time for the tow truck.

Wait for tow truck

We will send the tow truck and the payment will be made when your car is picked up.

What Our Customers Say

My experience with this team has been great. They were very cooperative and helped me through each step. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to scrap their junk car.
Keene Jacobs
I am glad I hired this service to get rid of my old junk car. It had been parked in the garage for over a year because I didn’t know what to do with it. This process, however, was very easy and convenient.
Emily Mills
I got a great price for my van. This is the best car scrapping service I’ve come across in Richmond Hill. Overall I am satisfied with the service. The staff was very friendly too.