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We offer the best prices in Richmond Hill for cars, trucks, and SUVs. We will make an offer right away on your scrap vehicle! Here you will get a quick service for scrap car removal in Richmond Hill that you deserve.

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Why Contact Scrap Car Removal Richmond Hill?

You might be wondering what the difference between scrapping an old car and dropping it off at a junkyard is. If you are, you have come to the right place. Given below are a few reasons that will clear things up.


  • You get a great price for your junk car
  • Your junk car is used to manufacture new cars
  • It is the environmentally responsible decision
  • You don’t have to pay anything
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Did you know that 86% of even a junk car is still recyclable? When you can sell your old car at a good price so that it can be used for manufacturing new cars, why wouldn’t you? When disposed of irresponsibly old cars end up in landfills causing pollution. We follow all EPA guidelines and make sure no harm is brought to the environment due to our scrapping processes. If you are asking yourself how to get rid of my junk car we can help.

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Any kind of old junk car that you have lying around, you can get rid of by selling to us. Free up space in your garage and get a decent amount to add to the new car fund. Just give us a call or request a quote for your scrap cars for cash. If you like what we are offering, our tow truck will be at your door to pick your car from anywhere in Richmond Hill, and that too for free. You will be given a bill of sale at the time of pickup along with full payment. The bill will document all relevant and necessary information so you can close the chapter of your junk car once and for all!

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  •  The vehicle’s location
  •  Vehicle model
  •  Vehicle type
  •  Vehicle condition
  •  Proof of ownership
  •  Details of any missing parts etc.

The Process of Getting Rid of Your Junk Car in Richmond Hill


When preparing a quote, scrap companies will require details on the condition of your vehicle (mileage, year, model, and make). You will likely get a more accurate quote if you also send a picture of your junk car.


You can find several junkyards by simply searching for “junkyard removal near me,” “scrap my car,” or “scrap car removal” quickly on your computer or internet-enabled device. Contact them and compare their quotes to ensure you get the best price. Confirm that they offer free towing services and no hidden costs.


Schedule the collection time for the vehicle in question. Ask them to confirm the time and place in writing.


Keep the necessary documentation in hand and keep any belongings that might still be in the car. Your location, the condition of the car and the time of day, does not matter; we can help you get rid of your junk car. To get the best price for your scrap car, just contact us and get things going

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5 Benefits of Scrap Car Removal Services in Oakville

If you are wondering what to do to get rid of your old car, look no further than AKR Scrap Car Removal! Find out the 5 benefits of scrapping your car in Oakville with us:

1. It is an Eco-friendly Process

When you give your old car for scrapping, each one of the materials in your vehicle is recycled and put to good use. Everything – from the wheels to the battery to the tires – is covered and not one piece will go to waste!

The best aspect about reusing and recycling an old car is that the scraping process helps to keep the environment cleaner and leaves hazardous substances out of landfills.

2. Your Garage Will Have More Space

A dilapidated car takes up a lot of room on your property – that said, it will free up a lot of space if you remove it from your driveway or yard. That area could be used for a new car or for additional storage. In a garage, you can use the extra space to get creative and expand the space of your home.

3. You can Earn Some Extra Cash

Money is something that we all enjoy, and selling your junky old car to a junk removal business will provide you with some extra cash – perhaps more than you imagined!

AKR Scrap Car Removal Inc. always pays cash on the spot and gives you a tidy profit for an item you no longer require. Even better, you’ll save money on those pesky repairs that never seem to end.

4.There is No Buyer Hassle

Selling a car to someone else can be a headache, and things get even more problematic with older, battered vehicles.

By calling a proficient scrap car removal in Oakville, you’ll save yourself a lot of time and unnecessary effort. You will quickly find a buyer for your car and negotiate a fair price for it.

5.Positive Economic Impact

The advantages of proper car disposal go beyond the environment – doing so offers a cost-effective option that ensures the continued existence of numerous businesses. These recycled materials, particularly scrap metal, are used in both domestic and international construction markets and manufacturing industries.

This allows enterprises to lower the cost of new steel production and keep their products inexpensive for consumers.


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Is Scrap Car Removal Richmond Hill worth it? Definitely! Old, junky cars are not fun to look at. Better yet, they have so much more value in the scrap yard than lying idle in the garage. Contact us today and get phenomenal service. It doesn’t matter what type of vehicle it is. Whether it is a car, a truck, or a van we can buy it from you at a great price!

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Scrap Car Removal Richmond Hill FAQs

Remove any valuable belongings and the license plate.

Vehicles that are crushed in the scrapping process go to a recycling facility. There, they are smashed and the metals are put to new uses in the manufacturing process.

You can scrap your old car in Richmond Hill and get cash for it. Call AKR Scrap Car Removal at 647-330-9840 and we will help you get rid of your junk car.

Getting rid of an old car is a good investment in many ways. Call AKR Scrap Car Removal to have us remove your old junk car from your property and pay you cash in exchange. We will recycle your car in an appropriate manner, so you won’t have to worry about disposing of it in an unsustainable way.

You should call your insurance company to inform them of your decision to scrap your car. By doing so, you don’t lose money on your old car’s policy.