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Why Contact a Scrap Car Removal Service in Richmond Hill

You might be wondering what the difference between scrapping an old car and dropping it off at a junk yard is. If you are, you have come to the right place. Given below are a few reasons that will clear things up.
You get a great price for your junk car
Your junk car is used to manufacture new cars
It is the environmentally responsible decision
You don’t have to pay anything
Same Day Pickup
Quick and Easy Transaction
Best Prices Guaranteed
24/7 Service


Did you know that 86% of even a junk car is still recyclable? When you can sell your old car at a good price so that it can be used for manufacturing of new cars, why wouldn’t you? When disposed irresponsibly old cars end up in landfills causing pollution. We follow all EPA guidelines and make sure no harm is brought to the environment due to our scrapping processes.

Cars, Trucks, Vans We Buy Them All!

Any kind of old junk car that you have lying around, you can get rid of by selling to us. Free up space in your garage and get a decent amount to add to the new car fund. Just give us a call or request a quote. If you like what we are offering, our tow truck will be at your door to pick your car from anywhere in Richmond Hill and that too for free. You will be given a bill of sale at the time of pickup along with a full payment. The bill will document all relevant and necessary information so you can close the chapter of your junk car once and for all!
The Information We Need From You:
  • • The vehicle’s location in Mississauga
  • • Vehicle type
  • • Vehicle model
  • • Proof of ownership
  • • Current condition of vehicle
  • • Details of any missing parts etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our towing service is free of cost. We will pick the car from wherever it’s parked in Richmond Hill for free.
Yes, we recommend that you do. They can then update your car’s status as having been ‘sold’.
If your car is of no use to you anymore and doesn’t have any resale value either, the best thing you can do for it is to sell it for scraps. We will be able to recycle it and the recycled parts will be used for the manufacturing of new cars.
Usually we get cars picked up within 5 hours. The time varies depending on weather conditions and traffic.


Ivan W

They gave me a quote over the phone, showed up on time, wear mask and good friendly service

Lisa White

Very fast service. Came within the hour to tow away my old car. Quote given on phone and email was honored in person. Very honest and professional.

Johan Thompson

Great, quick, and easy. Had to scrap my car and these guys were men of their word and kept to the meeting time and agreed price. Just hard working people trying to make a living