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Why Call A Scrap Car
Removal Service in Vaughan?

If you are on the fence about whether to take your old vehicle to a junk yard or to sell it to a scrap car removal service, this might help you. Given below are a few reasons that should help you make up your mind


You will get a great price for your junk car

All you need to do is to make a call

Your car will be towed for free

It is better for the environment

Same Day Pickup
Quick and Easy Transaction
Best Prices Guaranteed
24/7 Service


Being a responsible citizen implies that you do not add to the pollution level and soil deterioration in Vaughan. Cars that are disposed of irresponsibly end up leaking toxic materials into the soil when they eventually become part of landfills. This causes soil quality to deteriorate and hurts animals and plants that rely on it.

We Buy Cars, Trucks, SUVs
At Great Rates

We can take any junk vehicle off of your hands and pay you a great price for it. All you need to do is request a quote and let us know you are ok with the offer.

If you like the quote we offer, we can take things forward and our tow truck will pick your car from anywhere in Vaughan for free!

You will be paid in full at the time of pick up and you will also be given a formal bill of sale documenting all relevant buyer and seller information.

The Information We Need From You:
  • • The vehicle’s location in Mississauga
  • • Vehicle type
  • • Vehicle model
  • • Current condition of vehicle
  • • Proof of ownership
  • • Details of any missing parts etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

You will be paid in full at the time of pickup. You can choose between getting paid in cash or e-transfer.
You will receive a formal bill of sale at the time of pickup. All relevant information about buyer and seller will be included in it.
We request that you wait until the transaction has been completed i.e. the car has been picked up and you have received payment before canceling your car insurance.
We buy all cars, trucks, and vans. Even if they cannot be driven anymore or have no resale value we will be able to buy them because we look for recyclable parts.


Ivan W

They gave me a quote over the phone, showed up on time, wear mask and good friendly service

Lisa White

Very fast service. Came within the hour to tow away my old car. Quote given on phone and email was honored in person. Very honest and professional.

Johan Thompson

Great, quick, and easy. Had to scrap my car and these guys were men of their word and kept to the meeting time and agreed price. Just hard working people trying to make a living