As most things we own to do, cars can eventually break down beyond all hope of repair and then present the question of what to do with an old junker in your possession. Typically, this will end up in the garage or front lawn while you are gathering the tools or resources to properly repair it. But unless you are a master of restoring old vehicles, an old scrap car taking up space on your driveway or front lawn will be neglected.

This is where all the benefits of professional scrap removal services can provide you with an extensive list of benefits. In addition to ridding your environment of a useless pile of junk, scrap car removal can get some cash and even benefit the environment.

Let’s take a closer look at how this is possible:

The Process of Scrap Cars Removal is Regulated

Recycling a car is not the same as driving it into a landfill. Recycling centers are required by law to abide by important regulations. This means that the cars being recycled will be handled ethically and in an environmentally-friendly process. In addition to helping your own situation, you will be protecting the environment by properly recycling your old car. If you are asking “Where can I recycle my car for cash?”, we can help you.

One of the best things about scrap car removal is that you will never have to worry about how the car will be handled by the recycling center. You can rest assured that all the materials will be handled in the best way possible.

Re-Using Scrap Metal

An old car that will not start or run properly may seem like useless garbage to the untrained eye, but there is still plenty of value here. Old cars still have many valuable components. Even if nothing is working at all, the car is still good for the top-quality materials it is made of.

Manufacturing metals is a costly process and mining metals from the earth damages the environment. Mining and processing raw materials also leave a considerable carbon footprint. But by salvaging all the available materials from an old car, you will be able to save on all that. The metal collected from thousands of old cars means that new cars can be made from old cars, rather than from the costly resources in the ground.

In the average year, more than 14 million tons of scrap metals are collected from old junk cars and reusing these materials can save as much as 80 million barrels of crude oil — consider the advantages that will have on the environment.

Proper Disposal of Toxic Materials

When you consider what will happen to an old car when it is recycled, you may think that the metal and tires are repurposed. This is true, but there are also many other components to a car that must be handled and recycled properly. Did you know that there are about 5 to 10 gallons of fluids in the average car that can be considered highly toxic?

Some of the most important toxic chemicals to be aware of include brake fluid, power steering fluid, battery acid, antifreeze, sodium azide and mercury. If you allow your old car to sit on your property, over time these toxic substances will begin leaching into the ground below and can cause serious problems for plants and animals. If these chemicals should leech into the groundwater supply, wells and water tables in the vicinity will also be poisoned.

Every Part of the Car can be Recycled

When most people think of cars being recycled, they imagine the stereotypical picture of a giant scrap yard electromagnet dropping cars into a crusher machine that changes them into compact little cubes ready for the steel plant. But this is not the whole story. There are many other individual materials in a car that can also be salvaged.

For example, the catalytic converter, tires, battery and wheels can be taken off the car. All the fluids from the vehicle will have to be removed. Basically, everything but the bare metal will have to be removed. Once there is nothing left but the framework, the car can be sent to the crusher.

Even before this, there are many parts of the car that can possibly be salvaged. The car has many components and mechanical elements that can be removed and repurposed. Mechanics will carefully remove all components of the car that can be put to use. Not a single piece of the old car will be wasted.

Recycling Old Tires

Old tires are another component of an old car that is both toxic and full of valuable materials. It is important the old tires are never burned as they will release large quantities of cyanide, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide into the air. It is also important that they are not discarded in a landfill as they can also leach toxins into the ground. Old tires must be properly recycled.

In addition to the rubber in an old tire, there is steel and a list of chemical components as well. Old tires can be placed into a pyrolysis machine where they will be burned with low levels of oxygen. The chemicals released will be collected and turned into synth-gas that carry a high caloric content.

You can even repurpose the tires yourself. Old tire swings, coffee tables, stylish ottomans and more can be made from an old tires. But if you don’t have time to do this yourself, you will do best to call in a recycling company to handle the task of recycling tires for you.

Re-Using Old Batteries

Old car batteries are also filled with toxic and dangerous substances that should be handled with proper care. First of all, old batteries can be restored like new ones with a relatively simple procedure. If you are not able to handle this yourself, you can have it done professionally. Otherwise, old car batteries can be sent to a recycling plant where they are properly disposed of.

If you don’t know how to recycle your car batteries it is best not to try. There is a powerful corrosive acid within a car battery and only an experienced professional should be allowed to handle this task. On the other hand, if you are a capable DIY enthusiast with plenty of tools and a mind for quick learning and great care, there is instructional material online that can help you restore an old battery to near-perfect conditions.

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Avoiding Landfills

There is already so much garbage heading to the landfills as we speak. There is nothing in the store that doesn’t come in a mountain of single-use plastics and just about everything is disposable. But actually, nothing is disposable, it will all end up in a trash pile somewhere. When these piles of garbage reach considerable levels, they flood the atmosphere with methane and other greenhouse gasses.

One great way to diminish the pressure placed on the landfills we have today is to avoid sending anything that way. Having your car properly recycled is just one example of avoiding the recycling process and reducing the pollution in the environment.

Final Notes on Professional Scrap Cars Removal

Finally, another good reason to have your car properly disposed of by a professional scrap cars removal service is the cash value. Most scrap car removal companies will offer you a decent cash reward for taking your old vehicle off your hands.

Having your old car carted away by a responsible scrap car company is better for the environment ensures that nothing goes to waste and places cash in your pocket, what could be better than that. If you have an old car and are not sure what to do with it, call your local junk car removal in Toronto professionals and see what they can do about hauling away your old car.

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