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We have over 10 years of experience running a scrap yard in Toronto and efficiently recycling all types of scrap cars, no matter the make, model or condition, in an eco-friendly way. Call us at (647) 330-9840 to request a free estimate or get a free scrap car quote online.

We have the best scrap car removal and recycling experts backed by modern eco-friendly recycling technology to keep a safe and clean environment for Toronto residents. Our pick-up trucks are reliable and can come for your scrap car wherever you are in Toronto and the GTA.

We payout the top dollar for scrap cars, salvage cars, unwanted cars, accident cars, damaged cars, and old junk cars in their best or worst condition. We reduce the paperwork for you and ask you to fill out your car information on an online form. We only ask you to provide the available information on your vehicle like mileage, wheel type and manufacturer to offer you a more accurate quote.

Want to get instant cash for your junk car in Toronto? Call our scrap yard now at (647) 330-9840 and request a free quote. We’ll send a team and a truck for your scrap car removal in less than 3 hours!

Our Scrap Yard Toronto Services

We offer scrap car buying and car parts selling in Toronto, ON, at the best prices in the market. Do you have some junk car parts, and you’re wondering if you can get a good price for it? Read on to find out.

What we buy

  •         Old scrap cars, RVs, trucks, SUVs or any other damaged vehicles
  •         Aluminium alloy wheels
  •         Catalytic converters
  •         Steel wheels
  •         Scrap car and truck batteries
  •         Old car and truck engines

Your car scrap is useless to you and harmful to the environment when it stays in your yard! It’s time to drop your junk at our Toronto scrap yard and pick up some quick cash on the spot. Call us at (647) 330-9840 to turn your car scrap into money in less than 1 hour today! We’re available for same-day junk removal in Toronto, ON, today. Call us now!

Vehicle Wreckers Junk Car Removal in Toronto, ON

Get quick cash on your old junk car or parts at our recycle yard in Toronto.

We offer same-day free auto wreckers servicing in Toronto and the GTA. You can call us at (647) 330-9840 to request a car wreck recovery and get top dollar for your accident or destroyed car on the spot. We’re available 24/7, 365 days a year, for emergency auto wreckers services whenever you need us. If you need a licensed scrap yard in Toronto, look no further than AKR Towing CA.

We’re authorized by the Ministry of Environment Ontario to gather, buy and process car junks and scrap vehicles.

Dial (647) 330-9840 for a licensed car scrap removal company to buy your old car junk today at a fair deal! 

Steps to Scrap your Car for Cash in Toronto

Looking for a car junkyard in Toronto to scrap your car for cash on the spot? Call (647) 330-9840 now, and our representatives will guide you through how to scrap your old car for cash today!

Our guide to scrapping your junk car for cash in Toronto today is simple and easy to follow. Read on.

1. Gather your car details

To get the most accurate and best quote for your junk car, you need to provide us with all the necessary details about your car. This includes the car make, model, maker/manufacturer, year, mileage, type of wheels and whether or not your converter is original. These are usually the price determinants. You can also send us a photo of the junk car if you can. Also, prepare your ownership documents to transfer the car ownership to us once you get paid! Get the best price for your car by providing as much information about it as possible.

2. Contact your scrap yard Toronto for instant junk car purchase

You can call us at (647) 330-9840 24/7 and get quality customer service assistance. Our customer care representatives are dedicated to helping you close the deal with a smile and as quickly as you want. We’re open 24/7 for calls and new inquiries about scrap car for cash, including ‘how to dispose of my old junk car for cash.’ Don’t hesitate to call us anytime to help you make an informed decision.

3. Get a free quote

We offer free quotes on your scrap car for cash in Toronto anytime, 24/7. After you fill in your car details here for a free estimate, we’ll reach out to you for business within 15 minutes! Our prices depend on the current value of scrap cars and are valid for the current month only.

4. Schedule a free car junk removal pick up

Clearly say when you’re available for the scrap car pick up, and we’ll send a team with an auto wrecker or pickup truck to tow the car junk out of your compound. We’re available anytime, 24/7; you just need to let us know about your availability.

5. Take out your belongings

There might be documents, teddy bears, license plates, and even 407 transponders on your car still that might be valuable to you. You need to remove everything of value from the vehicle before we arrive at your location for car junk removal.

6. Get ready for pick up!

As you wait for us to come to you for scrap car pick up, prepare the car ownership documents and be ready to sign them and transfer ownership to use once we pay you!

Are you ready to get cash on point for your scrap car in less than 2 hours? Call (647) 330-9840 now to get the best deal on your old junk car!