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Why Call a Junk Car Removal Service For Your Old Car?

You might be thinking about why you should get rid of your junk car using a scrap removal service. If you are, that is a valid question. Given below are a few reasons that should help you understand the benefits of cash for scrap cars in Toronto area:


  •  You get paid the best possible price for your car.
  •  We can pick up your vehicle from anywhere for free.
  •  There is no fear of getting scammed with your car.
  •  It is an environmentally responsible thing to do with your vehicle.
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Scrap Car Removal Services in the Toronto Area

If you want to sell your junk or scrap cars for a good price in Toronto, AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal is one of the most reputable scrap car removal companies to call with scrap yard locations all over the GTA. You can get our 24/7 scrap car removal services in Toronto no matter where you are. With our team of trained drivers and car scrappers, state-of-the-art equipment, and long-term experience, our services will help you get rid of your scrap cars regardless of their condition, size, or model.

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Cars, Trucks, Vans We Buy Them All

Any unwanted vehicles that have been taking up space in your garage and which you want to get rid of, we can buy from you. Just share some basic information that we need in our quote form, and we will make an offer. If you like what we’re offering, we can proceed with the transaction. Our tow truck will be with you in a few hours, and you are paid in full at the time of pick up. You can choose the method of payment that suits you, get the bill of sale from our representative, and bid farewell to your vehicle!

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  •  The vehicle’s location
  •  Vehicle model
  •  Vehicle type
  •  Vehicle condition
  •  Proof of ownership
  •  Details of any missing parts etc.
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Professional Auto Recyclers: Scrap Car Removal Services

When left on a piece of land, old automobiles could sit for hundreds of years, which pollutes the soil and water systems. There are many ways to recycle your cars, and one of them is donating them to the government. However, you can also make extra money by selling your junk car to our company. At AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal, we collect your cars and recycle them. We are an eco-friendly scrap car removal company with an environmentally-friendly recycling program. We recycle and reuse all the parts of junk cars in an eco-friendly way. By choosing us as your partner, you clean your compound and help preserve the Canadian and global environment.

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Benefits of Scrap Car Removal Toronto Services

Are you sick and tired of that old car that has been packed in your backyard for days? If this is you, you are in the right place. Old cars are never pleasing to look at, and it’s not a wonder people undermine their essence. However, if you still find beauty in that old car, all you need is to know how to use it to your advantage. This may be a new revelation to some, and it is okay: every day is a learning day anyway. Read on to discover the fantastic advantages of scrap metal removal.

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Positive Environmental Contribution

If you are environmentally conscious, you will be glad to add this to your to-do list. Even if you collect old cars or car parts in your area, that will be a good initiative. When you see an old car, it never occurs that it poses a danger to the environment. This is because the harm it’s causing goes unnoticed. For example, car batteries release toxic chemicals into the atmosphere and emit more greenhouse gases. Hence, you can imagine the harm it has caused if it has stayed in your backyard for an extended period. However, when you get that car removed, you will be doing Mother Nature a favour. Your car could get its parts upgraded if you are attached to it, and before you know, it’s up and running. In other instances, it could be stripped and its parts sold to car owners in need of car parts.

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Evade Legal Issues

Legal issues can happen if you reside in areas with strict policies regarding the storage of unserviceable vehicles. Therefore, it is crucial to inquire beforehand to avoid clashing with the relevant parties, for example, the local authorities. However, if you discover you could get in some trouble, getting the car towed away immediately would be advisable.

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Scrap Car Removal With Quick Pick Up

Who would have thought that your car would put some money in your pocket? Some people believe that the older a vehicle is, the less value it holds. The truth is the value remains since your car parts could be sold as scrap metal. The car may not get repaired due to high repair bills or other reasons. The amount of money you could from this could range from $10,000 to $15,000. The latter, however, heavily depends on the state of your car and other factors to determine the price. Therefore why wait, and you could walk away with some money? It could also act as a top-up if you plan to re-invest in another car or something better, which is a plus.

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Our company gives you the most cash for your scrap vehicles in and around Toronto. Our prices range from $10,000 to $15,000, including pickup and the removal.

The money our company gives depends on the type, model, size, condition, and the number of your cars. We access your vehicle(s) and value them instantly when you call us. What details do you need near me?

However, before the process, we require that you tell us details about your car, including:

  •  Model
  •  Year
  •  Make
  •  Fuel type
  •  Engine size
  •  Number of doors
  •  Whether its catalytic converter is aftermarket or original

After valuing your cars, we give you the money, full price, immediately before leaving your compound.

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Enhances Property Value

If you have a property with old cars on it and plan to sell it in the future, it would be smart to get rid of the cars because the property’s value will instantly increase or decrease if they stay put. This applies to whether you have a building on the property or not. The above points show the benefits of scrap car removal Toronto services near me. This is the sign you have been waiting for to get that old car towed away from your premises. Ensure you look for a great company to ascertain that they will keep their side of the bargain. Note that some companies in this industry could care less if they pay you well for that old car. Hence, ensure you research carefully before rushing into things. Also, let those close to you know about the effect of having old cars lying around; it is vital.



When it comes to junk car removal in Ontario, we are the top service provider with experienced staff. Across the greater Toronto area, we have been offering scrap car removal services for more than 20 years. Regardless of the condition that your scrap, old, broken, junk or damaged car is in, we have a team of skilled drivers armed with the necessary removal equipment. For all motor vehicle manufacturers and models, you can get anywhere between 300 and 15,000 Dollars.

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In comparison to our competitors, we offer 10 percent more cash.

  • We collect junk cars for free all across the entire Greater Toronto Area.
  • We offer same-day scrap car removal.
  • Get immediate cash payment.
  • Junk car removal services 24/7.
  • We have guaranteed the best prices.
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Are you looking to get rid of your scrap vehicle?

Our courteous staff can assist if you are interested in disposing of your junk car. We can come and collect your junk car at no expense, regardless of where you are across the greater Toronto area. In addition to towing your auto car away at no cost, we will make an immediate cash payment or your junk cash; call us if you want to get rid of a junk car.


Even if your scrap car is immobilized, we can remove it. It’s normal for people to want their old vehicles removed from their property for one reason or the other, especially if the junk cars are piling up. It is important to have a company you can turn to for assistance in such cases. If it’s been in a major accident, we accept accident cars for scrap. We vow to handle the entire junk car disposal process, from deregistration and picking it up to recycling and dismantling.

If you want to clean up your yard or avoid going against local guidelines/laws – in case they require you to get rid of any scrap cars on your property, contact us immediately.




When preparing a quote, details on the condition of your vehicle, its mileage, year, model, and make are required by scrap car removal Toronto companies. You will likely get a more accurate quote if you also send them a picture of your junk car.


You can find several junkyards by simply searching for “junkyard removal near me,” “scrap my car,” or “scrap car removal” quickly on your computer or internet-enabled device. To ensure that you get the best price, contact them and compare their quotes. Confirm that they offer free towing services and no hidden costs.


Schedule the collection time for the vehicle in question. Ask them to confirm the time and place in writing.


Keep the necessary documentation in hand and keep any belonging that might still be in the car.

Your location, the condition of the car and the time of day, does not matter; we can help you get rid of your junk car. To get the best price for your scrap car, just contact us and get things going.

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You can reach out to us to learn more about how we can help you get rid of your junk car for free to quell any concerns you may have. We are ready and willing to answer any questions you might have. With that, you can be sure that you are making an informed final decision.


If you have any junk car(s) taking up space on your driveway or old scrap vehicle(s) lying around your property, we can help you clear the mess by removing them on your behalf. If you face such a situation, it is worthwhile to think about the quality junk car removal and free junk vehicle towing services we offer across Toronto. With our help, you no longer have to put up with rusty old scrap vehicles lying around in your yard, leading to an ugly sight and causing all sorts of issues like chemical or fuel leakages, among others. Such a situation can lead to severe problems, and failure to discard such scrap vehicles can lead to citations and fines.

Many different scrap vehicles may need removal, including damaged, operational, immobilized, young, old, small or large. Regardless of the type and condition of the vehicle(s) you have, we can earn your trust by providing you with everything you need and, with it, do your business when it comes to removing scrap cars from your property.



Is the question, “which scrap car removal company will give me the best price for my scrap car in Toronto?” lingering on your mind? Are you interested in cash for junk cars in Toronto? You have come to the right place. We offer CASH FOR CARS on the spot. Our team can help you eliminate any junk vehicles on your property and the associated hassle of having scrap lying around your yard. Our company gives you the best price for your junk car(s). We can work closely with you to develop a removal schedule for the junk car as far as having the scrap removed. Our services do not come with any HIDDEN COSTS. We will notify you of the amount we are willing to pay for your junk vehicle. Afterwards, the decision to refuse or accept this offer will be upon you. Our automobiles recyclers in Toronto are here to work with you to get rid of your vehicle and clean the environment.

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The metal costs offered by the metal mills determine the amount of money you get for your junk car. Every week, the prices of scrap metal can change many times over. But, these changes tend to be minimal. Market supply and demand lead to changes in scrap metal prices. Compared to the mining and processing of iron ore, the scrap metal market is considered more valuable thanks to the fact that it provides a cheaper and readily available source of metal. At current market rates, scrap metal prices were as low as $126 per ton during the 2020 pandemic. And while they may be increasing gradually, they are yet to hit the highs of $220 per ton seen back in 2011.



When it comes to Commercial, Residential, Institutional and Municipal customers, we offer environmentally friendly waste removal services.

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Scrap Car Removal Toronto Frequently Asked Questions

Usually, we give you money depending on the weight of your car, regardless of how damaged it is. To increase the car’s weight, ensure that you give us all the essential parts like tires and doors. The price could also increase depending on your car’s model, condition, make, and year.

Before you request our junk car remove services, ensure that you remove all your personal belongings from the car. Check the back seat compartments, side compartments, cup holders, dashboard compartments, trunk, and even under the seats to ensure you get everything. You should also consider removing high-value parts like entertainment systems or any other parts that you want to repurpose and remove the license plates.

Regardless of your car’s type, size, or make, you can contact us on our toll-free line to get our junk car removal services. First, you have to give us the address from which you want us to pick up the junk cars. If your car is junk, our car scrappers will take it to reputable scrap yards, but we will buy it and recycle or reuse its parts if it is just old. The auto scrap yard is our last option if we can’t recycle or reuse the parts. All you have to do is provide legit information about the automobile or assure us that it is under your use. Contact our customer service to get started as soon as today.

No. Our removal of junk car services only applies to scrap or old vehicles. We deal with trucks, SUVs, sedans, vans, and any other type or make of car. It does not matter how old or torn apart the automobile is; we will ensure that we give you the best value.

Yes. Instead of having your junk car lying around your home and consuming space, scrap car removal is better because it will help you free up the space, make your home neater, and give you extra money. It is also suitable for the environment because most parts will be recycled or reused in eco-friendly ways. If you cannot sell your vehicle for sale, we can take care of it with our efficient services.

After crushing the cars, scrap car removal companies take them to our recycling center, where we shred and break the scrap metal into smaller pieces, then use the metal in other forms for other purposes. For the parts that are not metal, we use them on other cars or repurpose them. We make an informed decision to recycle the automobile properly.

If you want to get the most cash for your car, contact us for our scrap car removal services in Scarborough and Toronto area. Our scrappers will to your location and pick up your junk car at your convenience with cash for the scrap item. However, before scheduling a scrap car removal, you have to fill out our quote form online to determine how much money you will get for the car. Our licensed car recyclers are here in Toronto, ready to remove your vehicle with cash for it.

You know it is time to get your automobile removed if your vehicle: • Has mechanical problems that make it impossible for you to drive the automobile. • Was involved in an accident that made it un-drivable. • Is over 15 years old. • Has reached over 200,000 miles. • Has many damages and needs a lot of money to repair.

Yes. You can find stores that can buy your old car battery for recycling, or you can sell it on eBay. The money you get for your battery depends on the need for size and age. If you have an old battery with a higher value than your average one, you should consider putting up an ad for it. That will help you get an estimate of the amount the company would give you if you return it before finding other ways to recycle it.

Getting scrap car removal services is the best and most environmentally friendly way to get rid of your old car that is not worth a lot or doesn’t run. When you seek our quality services, we will evaluate the parts and determine if we can use them on other cars and recycle those we can’t. Depending on the situation, we will make appropriate alternate arrangements. Call us if you need an auto wrecker service by a professional wrecker.

When you call us, you will not have to lift a finger in any work. That means that you do not have to worry about changing ownership because we will handle the whole process for you. Items to consider in this process include your permit portion and validation stickers.

The process in Toronto is easy and fast. All you have to do is contact us to get a free quote. Alternatively, you can get the quote by filling out our free quote for junk car inline form. Once the form is submitted, inform us of the address to pick the car up. We will agree on a pickup time. Then, we will come and pick the car up and pay you once we have the vehicle. Our auto recyclers know the locations of junkyards in the area.

Our company wants to ensure that all our customers enjoy our services. Therefore, we buy all types of scrap cars, all models, types, colours, and sizes, regardless of whether they are running or not. We buy at market rates and ensure exceptional customer service during the process.

Before calling us, you should remove your license plate. That helps eliminate any chances of somebody using your number plate for any malicious activities. You can also return it to Service Ontario.

While it is not a mandatory step, you must inform them. Once you have sold your junk car, acquire a “bill of sale” and take it to Service Ontario. This can ensure that they make the necessary adjustments in their system. However, our processing facilities will submit all the required documents to MOT within two weeks if you use our services.

After finishing the process, take it back to Service Ontario. If they find that your number plate is still valid, they will give you credit for the remaining months. Alternatively, you can install it on your new automobile.

We provide our services to you regardless of the condition of your car. However, the condition will affect the value of your car and the money you get from selling it. If it is in good condition and still has most components, the price is higher.

We value the car, mainly depending on weight. The more your car weighs, the more money you get. To increase the eight, ensure that you bring most of the components. Mostly, cars that still have the wheels, tires, and wheels weigh the most, hence having the highest value.

Alloy wheels weigh less than steel wheels. Considering your car with alloy wheels and value it depending on the weight might not be worth a lot. However, if you sell them separately, they will give you more money than selling steel wheels.

Yes. Before calling a scrap car removal Toronto company, you must prove ownership of the cars. They need your ownership documents to transfer the car registration to the scrapping company.

Yes. However, if you want your car to have a higher value, you must scrap it with the wheels for additional weight.

This is a car that the company only uses as a donor for parts. If you do not have ownership of a car but still want to sell it, you can sell it as a parts car.

Before a company takes your car in Toronto, you don’t have to cancel the insurance. However, you can cancel it after the company has taken it and you no longer own it.

Yes, you must transfer the car ownership to the company, and for that, you must sign the transfer form. You should tear the registration part carefully from the document, ensure your signature remains visible, and give it to the company. Request an instant quote today by using our contact form.

Yes. Even though your car is leaking oil or other fluids, companies will still buy it in Toronto. That is because the scrap car remove companies have registered companies that help them remove any dangerous materials from their junkyard.