Cars, trucks, motorcycles, and bikes all have their own design and particular functionalities. However, their end goal is the same – to keep us all moving. 

Motor vehicles are very durable and, in general, there is always a solution to their overall maintenance. And, when these vehicles’ usage or life span finally comes to an end, they are still very valuable.

There is no need for any of us to get rid of our vehicles in a rude manner and simply leave them to rot and pollute the environment in a scrapyard. Our cars can be properly taken care of if we recycle them.

We can dismantle a car’s separate parts and make use of all the metal that is left for the creation of other products – after all, vehicles are products made like every other. And this process is known as auto recycling.

At AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal, we recycle vehicles, perform scrap car removals – and more. If you’d like to recycle your car, get a quote with us now. 

How Can Vehicles Be Recycled?

The process is simple and straightforward. Auto recycling industries thoroughly follow a process that does not harm the environment and gives cars a proper end.

1. Inspection

The first step recycling industries do is to perform a detailed inspection of the vehicle. The importance of this step is to determine if the vehicle is better off being repaired or recycled. And, if recycling is the best way, then what exactly needs to be recycled? If the car needs nothing but repair, then they will evaluate what needs repairing.

2. Dismantling

After it is decided that recycling is the only option for your vehicle, draining and dismantling will be performed. All the fluids inside the car – such as gas, oil, or lubricants – are taken out so the pieces can be dismantled. Some fluids are correctly and carefully disposed of, while others can be reused in different vehicles. 

When dismantling, the recycling parts are removed to be cleaned, used, or sold again. This usually includes engines, tires, batteries, and transmissions.

3. Selling

Recycling facilities are aware that some car parts are still in great condition – even if the vehicle overall is not operable. When a car is recycled, these parts that are in good condition can be sold to manufacturers or can be used to repair other cars.

4. Crushing

The final step is sorting out all the recyclable parts of the vehicle. Once they are sold to repair other vehicles or given to manufacturing companies for re-use, the remaining parts of the metal are crushed. The metal is shredded flat and into a cube as big as a small oven.

What Are the Benefits of Auto Recycling?

We at AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal guarantee our customers that recycling only brings benefits to everyone involved in the process. When vehicles are abandoned at scrap yards, backyards, or garages, toxic fluids can leak from them, polluting the environment and being harmful to the health of others.

Here are some benefits of recycling your car:

  • Professional vehicle disposal – recycling your car makes it possible to dispose correctly and ethically of such polluting fluids mentioned above in a professional manner
  • Advantageous for the environment – aside from stopping toxic fluids from polluting the environment, recycling cars can also improve global warming overall, since the process reduces the number of greenhouse gasses emitted that harm our atmosphere
  • Generates income – not only does auto recycling provides money for car owners that decide to scrap their vehicles, but it also provides employment opportunities for the scrap and recycling industries

At AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal, we have a team of reliable and quick-witted professionals that are more than ready to scrap and recycle your car adequately – and, on top of that, give you money for it! 

Simply contact us today at 647-330-9840 to know more.

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How Auto Recycling Works in Canada

In Canada, the recycling industry, in general, receives a lot of attention from both civilians and authorities alike. We recycle water bottles, plastic, paper, glass, metals – and the list goes on. But, in fact, vehicles are the most recycled item in the country.

More than 90% of vehicles in Canada end up being in the auto recycling industry once the end of their useful lives is reached. The auto recycling industry itself is still very young, dating a little less than a century. However, the impact it has in the country is very significant.

On a yearly basis, Canada has more than a million vehicles in and out of its roads, that receive a proper ending and recycling. And, according to experts, recycled parts of vehicles can come up to as much as 75% – meaning almost the entire motor vehicle can be completely recycled. The remaining percentage is properly disposed of in landfills.

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AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal is a Canadian Leader in Auto Recycling

We are Canadians, proudly serving our clients throughout the province of Ontario – our acting areas include Toronto, the GTA, and many other cities surrounding it. With years in the recycling industry, we provide fast and reliable recycling services to customers.

We understand the importance that cars and other motor vehicles place in people’s hearts. Therefore, if you have a vehicle that can no longer operate, however, is still valuable – and they mostly are! – just reach out to us at AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal. 

We are composed of a team of dedicated professionals, committed to giving your precious car the proper care it deserves after so many years of use. We will properly dispose of your vehicle through recycling or scrapping, making sure that the environment is not being harmed – and, as a plus, you can still get paid for it!

To know more about us and our services, give us a call at 647-330-9840 to get a free quote. We will make sure to provide you with great customer service, professional staff, and reliable auto recycling, car scraping, and repairing.

We at AKR Towing and Scrap Car Removal care for our customers. As leaders of auto recycling in Canada, we are proud of what we do.

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